Siôned Watkins

Dancer, choreographer and teacher, Siôned is a vibrant member of the Canadian dance community.

All pieces : Memory of a Shadow,

Since graduating from Les Ateliers de Danse de Montréal in 1993, she has performed in over 11 countries and choreographed a number of dance films including the award winning (ADF festival) Ghostworld. As well as dancing for a number of independents such as Tammy Forsythe and Sarah Williams, Siôned danced for Danièle Desnoyers’ company, Le Carré Des Lombes for over 9 years.

Most recently, she has performed for Dana Gingras (Holy Body Tattoo / Animals of Distinction) and Bandes Interdites. Now based in Ottawa, Siôned is teaching movement at Ottawa University and working on her next creation during an upcoming Ottawa Dance Directive residence (summer 2013). She is also working on a new creation for Theatre Director Daniel Mroz of Les Ateliers du corps.