Ksana (2012)

ksana is a musical work written by Benjamin Thigpen (France-USA) for two Tu-Yo and Computer.

photo : Shuuhei Hori

Memory of a shadow Front

Memory of a Shadow (2012)

Memory of a Shadow is a 50 minute Music/Dance collaboration project between the musician Jean-François Laporte and the dancer Sioned Watkins (Ottawa). Memory of a Shadow was created mai-18-2012 at Espace Totem (Montreal).


Close Encounter (2008)

Close encounter is a musical work written by Jesper Nordin (Sweden) for The Bol and Live Electronics.

photo : Freddie Sandström


Bol-Hydre (2011)

Bol-Hydre is a musical work written by Gilles Gobeil (Quebec) for the Bol (new instrument invented by Laporte) and tape music.

Photo: Isabelle Gardner


Vertiges (2012)

Vertiges is a musical work written by Maxime-Corbeil Peron (Quebec) for The Siren organ, tape and live electronics.

photo : Caroline Campeau