Jean-François Laporte’s research and sound experiments led him to make himself is own musical instruments to respond more to his artistic needs. The FLyingCan is one of the first result of this research.


The FLyingCan is an aerophone we twirl in the air. This musical instrument is comprised of an aluminum can on which is cutting an opening in the direction of its length. This opening, wile oriented correctly allows air to enter the interior of the can which has the effect of placing it in vibration. A small fin is attached to the side of the can in order to control the orientation of the aperture relative to the ground. The can is also crossed at each end by a metal rod that allows the instrument to remain continuously in the correct position. One end of this rod is attached to a cord. The other end of the cord is held in the hand of the player.

By rotating the instrument above the head, is caused to enter the FlyingCan vibrating. The resulting sound varies depending on the speed and the angle of the instrument relative to the ground. And have come to generate a large register sounds, stream sounds, roaring, hooting, singing, whistling, making it possible to fully explore the audible spectrum.