Totem Électrique

Realisée en 2011

Présentée le June 5th, 2011

Bol-Hydre is a musical work written by Gilles Gobeil (Quebec) for the Bol (Laporte new invented instrument) and tape music.

The Bol (Bowl) is a fantastic musical instrument invented by Jean-François Laporte that generates strange and menacing sounds.

The Hydre (Hydra) is a monstrous beast that would grow two heads for each one that was cut off. I suppose one could say I simply tried to create a graft using these two curiosities: the large majority of the sounds used to compose this piece are taken from the instrument itself.

for Bol and tape music
at the Music Conservatory of Montreal
Jean-François Laporte

Commissioned by Productions Totem contemporain (Jean-François Laporte) with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Bol-hydre was awarded second prize in 2012 by the Phonos Foundation (Spain) and Musiques & Recherches (Belgium) in the 5th Destellos International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual Music (Argentina).

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