Farai un vers de dreit nien
May 17th, 2014
University of Huddersfield
written by Girilal Baars,
interpreted by Jean-François Laporte

Farai un vers de dreit nien is a playful poem written in medieval Occitan by William IX, the Duke of Aquitaine (1071-1126). When I first came across the poem many years ago, I knew I would end up using it somehow and the opportunity to write for Jean-François’ instrument the siren organ was a match made in medieval heaven. Jean-François’ instrument is based on principles a medieval musician would immediately be comfortable with and of course the singing voice has a natural affinity with wind instruments. Besides, William of Aquitaine was, like Jean–François, the first of his kind: troubadour and air-compressor equilibrist, respectively.

The piece consists of 3 channels (L-C-R) of pre-recorded, manipulated voice and a graphic score for the performer, Jean-François Laporte.

This version of Farai un vers de dreit nien was performer and filmed at the Totem Électrique Huddersfield – UK, May 17th 2014.