June 3rd, 2017
written by Patrick St-Denis,
interpreted by Patrick Saint-Denis
during Totem Electric #9

There’s something ghostly about Jean-François Laporte’s FlyingCan. The air that enters by the bevel of the instrument produces sounds that sometimes recall the human voice or the cry of an animal. I wanted to put this aspect forward by augmenting the FlyingCan with a positioning sensor in order to trigger sounds and control a lights located on the floor. The triggered sounds, often close to the feminine voice, prolong the presence of the body, already manifest at the level of the instrument, to the interactive components.

This excerpt of Howl/Touched was filmed during the Totem Électrique IX, Montreal Music Conservatory, June 3rd 2017.

This version of Howl/Touched was created and performed by Patrick St-Denis during the Totem Électrique IX, June 3rd 2017.