September 17th, 2002
Darling Fondery
An original idea of Jean-François Laporte,

Scattered accross the site, the vibrations of twelve or so invented instruments bathe the public in their movements. Tu-Yo and Bol, all born of an extremely simple assemblage of basic materials, bring the art of sounds back to its genesis, freed of the weight of traditional instruments and of the music associated with them. Unaltered sounds of surprising depth, without amplification nor processing, of a ‘hyper-real’ character that borders on the unreal. No speaker nor microphone are hidden behind the vibrating membrane of the instruments.

True unfurling of a sheet of sound from which all rhythm is suppressed, in the form of a flow, a stasis, then an imperceptible vanishing, this sound installation is a tribute to the space-time dimension in all its fluidity. Music of mass and of movements, it has for motif the fluctuating evolution of similar timbres organizing themselves by accumulation and proliferation, fostering the birth of an extremely organic sound universe. Polyphony becomes one global harmony, a total timbre, and behind its quasi-static globality hide extremely lively units.

By its acoustical contribution, the location becomes a parameter in itself that can’t be dissociated from the musical manifestation. A parameter that is essential but not constraining: the listener is free to move, free to trace his own path among the multitude of sound generators, lingering at chosen places, creating his own perceptual universe from what is proposed to him.

Conception : Jean-François Laporte
Production : Jean-François Laporte, Martin Ouellet and Productions Totem Contemporain
Development of the electronic system : Alexandre Burton
Programming : Jean-François Laporte, Alexandre Burton
Thanks to : the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, The Darling Foundery and Martin Ouellet

This version of Khôra was created and filmed at the Darling Fondery – Montreal, August 25th 2002.

This version of Khôra was filmed at the Itinéraire de nuit Festival, Paris – France, April 1-2 2006.