Totem Dance

Realisée en 2012

Présentée le May 12th, 2012

a 50 minute work / performance for musician and dancer.
The project was created by the artists Jean-François (composer, musician, and instrument inventor) and Siôned Watkins (choreographer and dancer).

In Memory of a Shadow, the basis for the work of the two protagonists is the use of movement, body space, borders and shadows. One is captivated by two soloists, two disciplines who meet dynamically in a dance stripped of superfluous movement.

at Espace Totem (Montreal)
Jean-François Laporte, Siôned Watkins

Totem Dance series invites choreographers / dancers to create new works using our unique musical instruments. These works are first presented in Montréal, often at Espace Totem and then go on tour.

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