June 7th, 2014
Montreal Music Conservatory
written by Nicolas Bernier,
interpreted by Nicolas Bernier or Jean-François Laporte
during Totem Electric #6

Two main themes (the microphone and the movement) are explored in this essay around the organ siren, an instrument built by Jean-François Laporte. The microphone is used to amplify and to create feedback, but also as a mean to generate physical distortion by the friction between the piezo microphone and the instruments. The microphone is also used as a reference to Laporte own work Mantra (1997). The movement is revealing himself by the microphones manipulations, echoed in the gestures of the performer.

The works was realized between March 2013 and June 2014 in the composer’s studio and at Totem Contemporain. Thanks to Jean-François Laporte and Conseil des arts du Canada.

This version of Micro_Mouvement was performer and filmed at the Totem Électrique VI – Montreal, June 7th 2014.