February 20th, 2009
during the Montreal New Music Festival
interpreted by Jean-François Laporte or Marie-Chantal Leclair
during Totem Electric #1

The title “Plateforme” refers to the construction industry for the extraction of oil at sea. The analogy I use for inspiration and reference image at the conceptual level for this piece, the organ and the tape swing between the functions platform and emerging oil.

The present work is composed in five different movements, each of which was written in the idea of allowing a symbiosis between the sounds of the organ and the tape part. This work was performed first on the tape, with listening to organ parallel previously recorded.

On it, I collected sound material mainly from orchestral instruments on which I could locate, orient and store different sound possibilities of the organ. In addition, the sounds of the tape were used to their morphological characteristics to interact with the organ that it is based around the tape rather than acting only as a soloist.

Sometimes a multiplication sound of one instrument to form a dense layer. On several occasions in the work, the first organ in the background, quietly take the leading role. The goal being that seems to emerge from the tape.