February 9th, 2008

Spin “is an intrinsic quantum property that characterizes the behavior of a particle under the influence of the rotational symmetry of space.”

It is also the title I gave this rather singular piece. This is actually a sound exploration made ​​from a device that allows, for example, to listen to any disc. As part of Spin, the device is used for its acoustic qualities and its ability to vibrate, thus resonate. Thus, from a constraint rather limiting, Spin takes the party to hear a sound world that is expressed through the concrete material.

I explore in this piece the side rather hypnotic circular motion implicit mode of operation of the unit. The music is treated as a continuum and as a whole, infinitely modulated. To feed the continuous sounds of music, I explored a variety of ways to resonate acoustically device in question. Given the nature of the discoveries and those sounds I used in this piece, I decided to work from the amplification of the sound generated acoustically. Spin and suggests a world on the edge of the audible, but which remains a rich sound incredible.

Here, different objects are selected to produce fusional sounds, close to what a researcher can obtain with electronic music. Then these strange sounds are subject to time, in order to hear their “thresholds”. This poetic approach metamorphosis allows me to give space to hear the inaudible sound, once past the zoom microphone, takes another musical dimension. By the same token, Spin wants the ideal of transparency of the project within the vast universe of fusional stamps.

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