The Floating Project
February 27th, 2010
Arts Souterrain Festival
An original idea of Jean-François Laporte,

The Floating Projectis a visual installation featuring a huge floating luminescent latex volume.

Create to share. This is what The Floating Project is about.

For more than ten years, contemporary artist Jean-François Laporte uses latex to build audiovisual installations or new innovative music instruments. The lighting properties of this material and the contemplative experience that results fascinates him. He then decided to build various pieces out of this material. The Floating Project is the first of this collection.

A simple big sphere floats in the air, gently moving to the soft wind. Through its soft light, its transform the space where it evolves. Is it an star? Or maybe “Pacha Mama”‘s shapes? For its creator, its a recipient for unachieved ideas, a rich planet where everything is possible. Beyond its artistic symbolism, the creation invites to comtemplate and stare.

Conception : Jean-François Laporte
Production : Jean-François Laporte and Productions Totem Contemporain
Development of the electronic system : Samuel St-Aubin
Programming : J-F Laporte, Samuel St-Aubin
Thanks to : the Arts Souterrain festival

This version of The Floating Project was created and filmed at the Art Souterain Festival, Montreal – Quebec, February 27th 2010.