“Le cerveau est le véritable centre de la musique. La musique est une expérience mentale et émotionnelle qui va bien plus loin que tous les autres genres artistiques.” (Peter Weibel)

Totem Installation presents our musical instruments as part of larger projects: sound installations. These installations uses sound as artistic media, highlighting the sound experience and altering visual perception. The spectator has thus, the opportunity to discover an unheard-of cosmos of sound.

This series allows us to handle sound matter in ways not always aimed at the creation of musical works. It presents works as much part of sound, lighting and visual arts forms. They use sensory connections between sight and hearing by articulating silence with space, plasticity of sound and dissolution of the concert hall, to make their own artistic statement.

This work searches perception, mostly listening, as an active action, participative and using many senses. Totem Installation stages the sound and invites the audience to discover, or at least listen in different ways to our close environment.

By arranging the instruments in three dimensions listening experiences, we create spaces where contemplation of aesthetic and design of sound reigns. The audience can experiment situations where sound and matter are in constant interaction.