“Music is by far the most consumed cultural asset on the Internet.”¬†wikipedia

Video content is no longer just a trend: it is becoming a constant presence in everyday life. To reboot towards the concert 2.0, we are developing the Totem Stream series, whose first goal is the live streaming of our concerts on the Internet. The audience thus has the opportunity to attend our events in real time, regardless of location, through their smartphone, tablet or computer. It is one of our strategies of sharing concert experiences with people far away.

Totem Stream is a format for our musical performance, a new place of encounter and exchange with audiences. It allows us to share current content in an original and immediate way. Developing Totem Stream works towards our vision of generating new concert experiences and different modes of communication. It also doubles as a promotional display of our works/events/concerts that allows us to disseminate our artistic work more widely.

Totem Stream targets an audience looking for original and unusual musical content. It gives an opportunity to watch performances from the different perspectives of numerous cameras in various places in the concert hall. It allows the audience to experience the music differently, often from a privileged vantage point. The screen offers a different experience than the more conventional concert ritual and allows us to push the limits of the stage.

Immersing surfers in the very heart of our events by way of the Internet and social media offers us an incredible opportunity to grow our audience and globalize our events.