Cabeza de montaña II (2013)

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Cabeza de montaña II is a musical work written by Francisco Huguet (El Salvador) for Siren Organ (Laporte new invented instrument), Tape and Live Electronics.

F. Huguet
“I met Jean-François Laporte for the first time in May 2012. I went to his atelier in Montreal in order to choose one of his instruments and to make some records for my new piece. During this meeting, Laporte showed me one by one all of his inventions. I was genuinely impressed with his research and with the sonorous qualities of his new instruments.

At first, the choice of the instrument seemed very difficult. I found in each one of them unique sound qualities and technical possibilities that have caught my attention. However, bit by bit, the choice became obvious as I became extremely captivated with the Siren Organ. Its power, its richness, as well as imposing qualities of its massive sound determined my choice. The first mental image I had of my new composition was a sonorous monolith built around these characteristics.

A few months later, I met Marie-Chantal Leclair for new exploratory sessions with the instrument. During these meetings, we explored a register that was different from the one of massive sounds: the Siren Organ operating at minimum or medium pressure producing harmonics dressed by colored air sounds. This has revealed to me an intimate dimension of the instrument’s personality, a blending of beauty, fragility and instability contained in sounds that nonetheless remained rich.

After these ultimate experiences, my choice of the sound material and the vision of the soul of the new piece began to transform themselves into a project of a more meditative music. This change has initiated several working versions of the composition, each one of them seeking for the best adjustments between the possibilities of the instrument, the musical material and the new spirit of the music. Two new concert pieces were born from this composition process: Cabeza de Montaña I for tape, and Cabeza de Motaña II for Siren Organ, tape and live electronics.

The title of these compositions is related to the painting Cabeza de la montaña (The Mountain Head), of the Ecuadorian painter and sculptor Oswaldo Guayasamin. Although this is not a descriptive music, the poetic idea and the confined force in Guayasmin’s painting impregnate the imaginary around this piece”.

The electroacoustic part of Cabeza de Montaña II was released at the electroacoustic studios of the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS), with the financial support of the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affaires.

Cabeza de Montaña II is dedicated to Marie-Chantal Leclair and Jean-François Laporte. The piece was commissioned by Productions Totem Contemporain and Ensemble Vortex, with the financial support of Foundation Nicati-de-Luze.

Cabeza de Montaña II : for Siren Organ, tape and live electronics
Composer : Francisco Huguet
Musician : Marie-Chantal Leclair
Created : june first 2013 during the Totem Électrique V

Francisco Huguet Is a Salvadorian composer and engineer born in 1976 in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Huguet’s music is impregnated with ideas of immersion and active contemplation, not only in a sensorial way but also in a human interior-spiritual dimension. His music intends to bear a meaningful ritual sense. His creative process is marked by research in both aesthetics and technical domains. He explores the incorporation of scientific notions and technics, like the use of psychoacoustic descriptors as compositional parameters, or the development of CAC environments using genetic algorithms technics. His composition method is a back-and-forth process between the empirical treatment of sound matters, the conception of time and timber structures, and the development of CAC and sound synthesis tools.

He is a co-founder member of the Ensemble Vortex in Geneva, Switzerland. The Ensemble Vortex is a composers and musician collective focused on creation and dissemination of new repertory.

Huguet begins his composition studies in El Salvador with the composer and conductor German Caceres Buitrago. After finishing his engineer studies, he leaves his home country for Switzerland where he studies composition with Eric Gaudibert, Michael Jarrell and Luis Naón at the Haut École de Musique de Genève. In 2006 he receives a grant from the Fondation Patiño – Ville de Genève for an artist residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. In the same year, he studies composition with Frédéric Durieux and Yann Maresz at the Conservatoire National de Musique et Dance de Paris as part of an Erasmus exchange. In 2009-2010, he follows the IRCAM Computer Music Cursus, and in 2011 he obtaines a Master degree in Engineering for Cognition, Creation and Learning with a specialty in Art, Science and Technology at the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble.

His music has been played at various festivals in both Europe and the Americas, including Festival Archipel (Switzerland), Latin American Contemporary Music Festival (Venezuela), Festival Acanthes (France), International Contemporary Music Festival of San Salvador (El Salvador), Festival Musiques Inventives d’Annecy (France), Platform Project 01 (Mexico), Mostra Sonora de Sueca (Spain), International Contemporary Music Festival of Lima (Peru), and the Totem Electrique concert series (Montreal).

He has received grants from the Fondation Patiño, the Fondation Nicati-de-Luze, the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affaires, and the FANTEL Foundation.

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