L’Heure Suspendue (2010)

L’Heure suspendue is a musical work written by Andre Hamel (Quebec) for The FlyingCan (Laporte new invented instrument) and real time process.

in the whirlwind of their embrace
suddenly time seems to stop
and suspended in the abyss of each other’s gaze
they feel overcome by a pleasant and violent grasp of their existence
keenly aware that, extricated from the course of time,
the moment was eternal
and would never come back

Part of an unfinished cycle of eight works for instruments and treatment in real time and based on the cycle of hours, L’heure suspendue is the ninth. It is the moment outside time.

L’heure suspendue : for FlyingCan and real time process
Composer : Andre Hamel
Musician : Jean-François Laporte
Created : June 5th 2010 during the Totem Electric #2 at the Music Conservatory of Montreal.

Andre Hamel (Born in 1955 in Montreal), lives in Montreal and has been working as a composer since the early 1980s, with a strong interest in both music composition and production. A member of the SMCQ (Quebec Society of Contemporary Music) since 2000, he has played an active role in several organizations, including the Société des concerts alternatifs du Québec (Codes d’Accès) where he was a founding member, the Conseil québécois de la musique and the Canadian Music Centre. He also joined forces with Alain Dauphinais and Alain Lalonde to found the collective Espaces sonores illimités (ESI) (www.espacessonoresillimites.com).

André Hamel’s compositions have been performed both here and abroad, and he has received a number of awards and distinctions such as the prestigious Serge Garant composition award (Fondation Émile-Nelligan – 2012), a joint 2nd place Collegial Contemporary Music Prize in 2009, the Joseph S. Stauffer Prize (The Canada Council for the Arts – 2000), the 1998 Prix Opus de la Création de l’année (Conseil québécois de la Musique) and a special mention at the Goffredo Petrassi International Competition for Composers (Arturo Toscanini Foundation, Parma, Italy – 1997). The multidisciplinary show Urnos, for which he composed all the music, received an Opus award in 2010-2011, and his album La trilogie du presto (Atma) was also nominated for an Opus award in 2006-2007. In June 2007 his saxophone octet À huit was among the recommended works selected by UNESCO’s International Rostrum of Composers. From July 1 to December 31, 2003, André Hamel was artist in residence at the Studio du Québec in New York City.

In recent years he has been involved in several large-scale collective projects including the reprise, for the 2011 Montreal New Music Festival (MNM), of the multidisciplinary piece Urnos, the Spatio lumino event presented by ESI to open the MNM festival in 2007, the Sonarium sound garden (Flora, CMC – 2006), the collective projects Symphonie des Éléments (MNM – 2005) and Fanfares (FIMAV, ESI – 2005), and the Symphonie du Millénaire (SMCQ – May 2000), to name but a few.

André Hamel currently teaches composition and ear training at Marie Victorin College.

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