Babaloune (2012)

Babaloune is an ecological fable narrated by a gigantic, very wise and very, very old whale – Babaloune herself. This show gathers children around some truly fascinating and unique newly invented musical instruments. Traveling across the oceans, Babaloune knows all the nooks and crannies and tells us about the changes she observes in the ecological balance of the kingdom of fishes, crustaceans and mammals. She talks about fishes as old as the world, plankton, oxygen and survival… but more importantly, she shares with us her passion for singing and her love of the universe and all its inhabitants. A story of knowledge, friendship and music which takes everybody in its nets !

Ida Toninato, scenario, music & musician
Maxime Corbeil Perron, video
Jean-François Laporte, new invented instrument
Photos: Clement Topping


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