Photo de Jean-François Laporte jouant du bol

Enter the sound! That is the principle that inspires our artistic director when he is creating instruments and sound worlds. This creative act is what takes possession of him, from designing a sound-maker all the way to creating new works for it. And that’s how it’s been since our inception in 2003. The sounds coming out of the instruments invented by Jean-François Laporte allow us to investigate the relationship between sound and matter and to think about the sound experience in a different way.

We have explored this sonic experience in many different ways, so join us! Take a tour of our website and discover the sound worlds that make us vibrate!

Video of the month

Care to discover our unique sound worlds? That’s what our Video of the Month feature is for! No more waiting for us to play in your hometown! Our Video of the Month reaches you where you are and allows you to experience the “Totem” sound. Thanks to close-up shots, you will have a front-row seat to watch the performers and marvel at the virtuoso manipulations they do to get those incredible sounds out of our instruments. Discover our instruments better than if you were at one of our concerts, until we can meet again in a concert venue!



Monolithe is a work by composer Julie Delisle for Babel Table.

It is performed by Francis Leduc.

The work was commissioned by Productions Totem Contemporain.