Érick d'Orion

Éric d'Orion

Érick d'Orion


Audio, installation and new media artist, self-taught composer/musician, sound designer for the performing arts and audio curator residing in Montreal since 2015, previously in Quebec City since 1993.

As a curator, he has organized more than a dozen events focusing on audio art and cutting edge sound creation. He was curator of the Avatar Center's programming from October 2008 to June 2010. He is also curator for the sound installation component of the Festival de musique actuelle de Victoriaville since 2010.

Focusing his audio research on digital maximalism, d'Orion's work is closely related to noise, musique concrète, free jazz and electroacoustic music.

At the same time or in conjunction, he develops installation projects where audio and new technologies are assembled to create works in continuous movement that become both audio sources and diffusers. His reflections mainly concern the reinterpretation, appropriation and rereading of certain concepts from the history of art, in particular musique concrète, Dadaism and Futurism, all without being backward-looking. The redefinition of acoustic space as well as the relationship between the viewer's imagination and familiar or falsely mythical images, objects, environments and icons is an integral part of his installation work.

He is a member of the duo morceaux_de_machines, the trio BOLD (with Alexis Bellavance and Nicolas Bernier) and the trio Napalm Jazz as well as a multitude of had hoc formations.

He has performed in concert with renowned artists such as Evan Parker, Martin Tétreault, Otomo Yoshihide, Robin Fox, Ilpo Vaisanen, Diane Labrosse, Alexandre Saint-Onge, eriKm, Sam Shalabi, Gunter Muller, etc.

Since 2009, he has been a frequent collaborator of the hybrid literary/digital art production organization Productions Rhizome, as audio artist/sound designer in several projects. He also designs the sound environment and music for projects in new media, film, theater and dance.

Since the summer of 2015, he has been working in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Catherine Lalande Massecar (Duo Massecar - d'Orion) and they combine approaches to sound creation, real-life practices, and clandestine dramaturgy.

He is or has been a member of several boards of directors in the art field: La Chambre Blanche, the media arts collective Perte de Signal, Rhizomes productions, RCAAQ, CHYZ, Folie Culture, RAIQ, Dare Dare, etc.

His work has been presented in Canada, Europe, Australia, Cuba, Mexico and the United States of America.