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"Exploratory reinvents and digs deeper than ever before into the ocean of possibilities of drone music." *1

Exploratory - Siren Organ Version is a monumental work by composer Phill Niblock for Siren Organ and electroacoustic tape that plunges the listener into the heart of an immense wall of sound. It is a journey through a mass of drones and held notes that drone, stretch in time, evolving almost imperceptibly, and immerse us in a world of vibrations rich in harmonics and movement.

This is an immersive sound experience that will be presented under a dome of 32 speakers installed at the Agora Hydro-Québec. During this concert, the Siren Organ and the electroacoustic tape will be played at a very high volume, so that the sound fills the whole space and enters in resonance. The sound will envelop the audience, allowing all the harmonic potentialities to be expressed.
Exploratory promises to give listeners a unique and memorable experience in which every particle of the body will vibrate with the sound. For composer Phill Niblock, "the idea is to create a kind of floating environment," in which the listener drifts, gradually losing touch with reality, especially with time. *2

The instrumental part of Exploratory will be performed on the Siren Organ by Jean-François Laporte while the electroacoustic tape (made from 300 different recordings of heavy truck sirens) will be played by Diego Bermudez Chamberland. This is a new version of the work of the same name that was premiered in 2020 by the Phoenix Basel Ensemble (Switzerland).

The Siren Organ *3 is an acoustic and pneumatic instrument featuring several heavy truck sirens operated by valves or pedals.

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La Grande Nuit GRMS 2023 / Exploratory



La Grande Nuit GRMS 2023

Agora Hydro-Québec

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