A look back at the MNM concerts!

A look back at the MNM concerts!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 15:28

Concert Totem - Cairn : L'art de se réinventer

Retour sur les concerts MNM!

Crédit photo: MNM Jérôme Bertrand

We would like to thank all the members of Ensemble Cairn Ayumi Mori (clarinet), Sylvain Lemetre (percussion) and Christelle Sery (electric guitar), the PTC performers Jean-François LaporteÉmilie Girard-Charest and Francis Leduc, as well as Max Brucker on the technical side for bringing the works to life for the first time in Montreal. We also thank our partners who made this concert possible : the SMCQand the Montreal/New Music Festival

We would like also to thanks Flavie Lemée for her amazing lighting design. The atmosphere of the concert was electrifying and the performance of the musicians was memorable. Thank you to our dear audience who were there!


Exploratory - Version Orgue de sirènes du compositeur Phill Niblock

Crédit photo: MNM Jérôme Bertrand


The work Exploratory - Siren Organ Version was heard by the audience that filled the Agora Hydro-Québec. It was a memorable concert and we are pleased to have been able to present this mixed work at full volume during the La Grande Nuit GRMS concert at the Montreal/New Music Festival (MNM).

We would like to thank Jean-François Laporte for his performance and Diego Bermudez Chamberland for mixing the work for the GRMS dome and for his technical assistance. This concert could not have taken place without our partners for this event: GRMS, SMCQMatralabMontreal/New Music Festival and Hexagram.

Les chants de l’inaudible


To celebrate PTC 20th anniversary, our artistic director Jean-François Laporte presented a new visual and sound installation : Les chants de l'inaudible. The installation featured the organic humming and whistling of various compressed air powered sound instruments as well as light and reflection effects.

We would like to thank all those who came to see the work and we thank Concordia University and Hexagram for allowing us to materialize this installation in the Blackbox space. We would like also to thanks Flavie Lemée for her lighting design and Diego Bermudez Chamberland for helping setting up.