New section of the website : Totem Digital

Totem numérique

Monday, December 19, 2022 - 17:08

We are delighted to unveil the new Totem Digital section, a space where visuals will be at the forefront and where it will be possible to discover the world of Totem in a vast selection of unique videos. This new section will include three sections: Totem Electric, Totem Instrument and Totem Abstraction.

Totem Digital will give you access to high quality recordings of original works from the Totem Électrique series, videos of original PTC instruments as well as Totem in an abstract and visually unique way (the aim is to show the "vibration" of Totem sounds and instruments). The section will grow over the next few years, so this is a space to revisit time and time again!

You can make a first visit right here.