PTC takes off for Europe

Jean-François Laporte
Othman Ouais

Saturday, April 15, 2023 - 16:16

PTC will embark on a tour in Europe from May 1 to May 22, 2023 to play unique concerts and make artistic encounters.

The first stop is in Brussels, Belgium for a concert on May 6, 2023 organized by the Fenêtre Ovale collective and ZonneKlopper. Our performer Jean-François Laporte will present works by Stéphane RoySavannah AggerJean-Baptiste Zellal and Rafael Muñoz Gomez.
In addition, he will meet Andrea Laudantethe winner of the first prize in the Totem Électroacoustique contest. The Italian composer will be able to start exploring the Babel Table in order to begin his commission of a musical work obtained as a result of the contest. Also, composer Sophie Delafontaine will begin her discovery of the Babel Table for a new work in the Totem Électrique series.

    Bestiaire à hauteur d'oreilles (2022), Roy Stéphane (CA) 
    Quicksand (2016), Agger Savannah (Se)
    Fractures (2019), Zellal Jean-Baptiste (BE)
    Styx (2018), Muñoz Gomez Rafael (BE)

Jean-François Laporte will premiere on May 12, 2023, five new works composed by the students and a teacher of the University of Edinburgh. These works are the continuation of the workshop that was conducted in October 2022 with the Babel Table.

    World premiere (2023), Jenkins Hayley (UK)
    World premiere (2023), Barker Charlie (UK)
    J'arrive pas à traduire ça (2023), Davies Ethan (UK)
    World premiere (2023), Cheng Elaine (UK)
    Unfinished swan (2023), Parker Martin (UK)

Jean-François Laporte will premiere on May 17, 2023, two new works composed by the students of the Folkwang University of the Arts. These works are also the continuation of the workshop that was conducted in October 2022 with the Babel Table.

    Haku (2023), Ray Porst Clarissa (DE)
    Prompt # 1 (2023), Voerste Theo (DE)
    Unfinished swan (2023), Parker Martin (UK)
    Bestiaire à hauteur d'oreilles (2022), Roy Stéphane (CA)
    Quicksand (2016), Agger Savannah (Se)

Our artistic director will spend three days in Berlin at the end of the tour to explore the local art scene, meet artists and do some prospecting. He will meet the Ukrainian artist Dmytro Fedorenko in order to start the collaboration with the University of Freiburg for the next Totem Électrique Freiburg. Phase 1 will take place in November 2022 with the students and phase 2 in May 2024. He will also meet the artist Uktu Tavil, artistic director of the Multiversal events and will play at an independent event organized by him as a solo artist.