Totem Électroacoustique contest winners!

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Wednesday, March 1, 2023 - 14:57

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who followed and participated in the contest. This first edition was a great challenge for the whole team and we are happy to have seen so much enthusiasm from both the jury and the participants!

After lengthy deliberations following the presentation of the finalist pieces at the concert La Grande Nuit GRMS at the Montreal New Music Festival (MNM) in collaboration with the Groupe de Recherche sur la Médiatisation du son (GRMS) on February 25, 2023 the jury composed of Émilie PayeurElisabeth Schimana (Au), Stéphane Roy (Ca), Benjamin Thigpen and Mélanie Frisoli (Fr) selected the three winning works for the Totem Prize. First place was awarded to 12th Perception of Prakṛti by composer Andrea Laudante, second place went to On the Practices of Waves by composer Cal Lyall and third place to Climax room by composer Dominic Walther-Battista.

The Akousma jury, represented by Myriam Boucher, chose Rekhale by composer Giovanni Corgiat Mercio as the winning work for the Akousma Prize.

The Vivier Interuniversitaire (ViU) jury chose the work Pipa Aura Suichie by composer Julie Delisle.

The public prize was awarded to Kiss by the composer Iris Lancery.

Prize list: 

1st Totem prize ($2500): 12th Perception of Prakṛti by composer Andrea Laudante (It) + Commissioned work by Productions Totem Contemporain

2nd Totem prize (1500$)
 : On the Practices of Waves by composer Cal Lyall (Ca)

3rd Totem prize (1000$) : Climax Room by composer Dominic Walther-Battista (Ca)

+ Commissioned work by Productions Totem Contemporain

Akousma Prize (1500$)
: Rekhale by composer Giovanni Corgiat Mercio (It)

ViU Prize : Pipa Aura Suichi by composer Julie Delisle (Ca)
+ Commissioned work by Productions Totem Contemporain

Public Prize 
: Kiss by composer Iris Lancery (Fr)

Special Mention of the Totem Jury : Paradigmas by composer Max Bruckert (Fr)

We would like to thank Robert Leroux and Claude Leroux of Percumedia who have been involved in the creation of the web part of the contest since the beginning of this adventure. Their professionalism has allowed the contest to take shape over the months and their precious advice has been invaluable to the realization of the project. We thank Stéphane Roy and Diego Bermudez Chamberland for the creation of the sound bank, the analysis of it, as well as their participation in the elaboration of the contest. A big thank you to our partners for the final concert of the contest GRMSSMCQMatralab and Hexagram.

To listen to the winners compositions its here.