Video of the month of January 2024 : Exploratory - Siren Organ Version

Video of the month of January 2024 : Exploratory - Siren Organ Version

Monday, February 5, 2024 - 23:08

It was with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of our friend, composer, musician, filmmaker and conceptual artist Phill Niblock. Over the past two years, we were privileged to enjoy enriching and inspiring exchanges with him, particularly in the creation of his work Exploratory, of which we made a 30:40' version for our Siren Organ, one of our invented instruments. In his honor, we've decided to publish an excerpt from this monumental work, Exploratory - Siren Organ Version, as video of the month.


A word from Jean-François Laporte, our artistic director. 


"Your music has had a profound impact on my musical journey, through its monumentality, its singularity, its ability to let me vibrate freely, and through the force of its incredibly animated sound masses. Every time I came into contact with your music, I was transported into a rich and inspiring listening space. To have been able to assemble and perform a Siren Organ version of your piece Exploratory was an outstanding performance experience for me. 


I have powerful memories of the times I was able to share this version for the Siren Organ in concert. I still get a thrill out of it. I look forward to the next opportunity to share your music with the public. 


Many thanks, Phill, for allowing me to enjoy all these unique and enriching sound experiences. 


Vibrate in peace."


We'd like to express our gratitude to Groupe Le Vivier for their support in bringing this project to life in concert, to Jean-François Laporte for his memorable interpretation and countless recording sessions, to Diego Bermudez Chamberland for the audio mix for Dôme, the recording sessions and the mixing of the audiovisual work, to Flavie Lemée for her remarkable work on the lighting design, and to the entire team at La Conserve Média for their exceptional editing and video capture of this work.

Once again, our thoughts are with Phill Niblock and his loved ones. May he rest in peace.