We are back from our Europe Tour!


Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - 21:49

Our three performers Émilie Girard-Charest, Francis Leduc and Jean-François Laporte lived memorable musical moments at the Marbrerie in Montreuil and at the Salle Barrault at the Orléans theater. Many thanks to those who were present for these performances and who lived this extraordinary experience with us. It was also a pleasure to collaborate again with the Ensemble Cairn. A special thanks to Max Bruckert for his exceptional work on the technique and the setting of music for this particular project. 

A big thank you to CeReNeM in Hudderfields for hosting our artistic director Jean-François Laporte and allowing us to present a quality Totem Électrique “International”  concert! It was the occasion to present 2 new works: Les chants de l'Amanite (2022) by Émilie Payeur and Bestiaire à hauteur d'oreille(2022) by Stéphane Roy. In addition we presented 3 works from our repertoire Mono no aware by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (2013), Il giardino dei sentieri by Francesco Bianchi (2014) and Musth+(K+B) by Érick d'Orion (2019). Thank you to the audience for their attention and to the composers for their magnificent works.

Before we left, we had the chance to start a new collaboration with four artists from the University of Huddersfield, Angela Hoyos Gómez, Anthony Stillabower, Lucio Mastrogiovanni Tasca and Jakob Bragg, for the next edition of Totem Électrique Huddersfield. Here they are at work on the instrument!

Compositeurs Hudderfields


Photo credit : Jean-François Laporte