Dear friends of Productions Totem Contemporain

In this special year celebrating twenty years of Productions Totem Contemporain, we are setting up a section dedicated to fundraising in order to finance one of the 3 main axes chosen by the company to support artists in the community.

These funds will consolidate and support the financing of commissioned works and research projects, while maximizing the impact of each donation. The Totem Funds will enable us to continue developing an original repertoire for our newly invented musical instruments, while concretely supporting the work of artists who are building the world of today and tomorrow.

Through these funds, Productions Totem Contemporain targets three axes of intervention:


Productions Totem Contemporain presents itself as a voice for the dissemination of today's music, for the promotion of emerging composers and for the inclusion of artists from diverse backgrounds, while pushing back the boundaries of the traditional concert experience. These funds will allow us to continue this mission by offering young and diverse composers the opportunity to make their mark on the new music scene in Montreal, Quebec and Canada. In this way, we are committed to making Productions Totem Contemporain a creative crossroads, in the image of the diversity that inhabits us collectively and contributes to the enrichment of us all.


Productions Totem Contemporain is committed to long-term, ongoing collaborations with indigenous artists. Our primary objective is to cultivate strong, ongoing relationships with these artists and their communities, year after year. This approach, at the heart of the CRÉATION AUTOCHTONE fund, aims to foster the development of new artistic projects in partnership with these artists, while respecting the richness of their cultures and contributing to their influence. The fund is part of a series of initiatives we are implementing to foster lasting collaborations with First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists.


The Totem Research Fund has played a central role in PTC's commitment to innovation and research since the company was founded. It is an essential support to our mission, enabling us to explore new musical worlds through our instrumentarium research and development activities.

How to contribute


Productions Totem Contemporain has been a registered charity since 2008. We are able to provide donors with official receipts for their donations.

You can make a donation by filling out the form below:
The form allows you to select the fund to which you want to contribute.


Donation form


You can also send us a cheque payable to Productions Totem Contemporain:

Productions Totem Contemporain
7128, 14th Avenue, Montreal, QC H2A 2V7

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us :
productionstotemcontemporain [at] gmail [dot] com (productionstotemcontemporain[at]gmail[dot]com)