Photo of Gilles Gobeil


Isabelle Gardner


Music Conservatory of Montreal

Written by

Gilles Gobeil



interpreted by

Jean-François Laporte

as part of:

Totem Electric Series


The Bol (Bowl) is a fantastic musical instrument invented by Jean-François Laporte that generates strange and menacing sounds.

The Hydre (Hydra) is a monstrous beast that would grow two heads for each one that was cut off. I suppose one could say I simply tried to create a graft using these two curiosities: the large majority of the sounds used to compose this piece are taken from the instrument itself.

Commissioned by Productions Totem contemporain (Jean-François Laporte) with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Bol-Hydre was awarded Second Prize at the Foundation Destellos Fifth International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition 2012 (Mar Del Plata, Argentina). The prize was given by the Phonos Foundation (Spain) and Musiques & Recherches (Belgium).