Le Perroquet

Photo of Stefano Bassanese


Michele Lomouto

Le Perroquet

Maison de la radio, Radio-France, Live Electronic Festival

Written by

Stefano Bassanese



interpreted by

Stefano Bassanese


Among all of Jean-François Laporte’s air-compressor instruments, I met this "Pipe" that instantly caught my attention. Its weird S shape, its yellow balloon mouth, and the circle that supports it as if it were a birdhouse perch triggered my imagination. I saw a mysterious and exotic mechanical parrot. In « Laughter », Henri Bergson stated that one of the paradigms of the comic is "something mechanical stamped on something alive." So I attempted to reverse this idea and tried to breathe life into the mechanical autonomy of the parrot/instrument, to find its voices as part of a tragicomic setting. The parrot being an animal which tries to inhabit the word and which is able to articulate meaningful sounds without understanding their meaning, I adopted the stance of one who observes reactions around it. In that sonic environment, the animal/instrument is exploring its possibilities, a means to draw relationships through reactions to its own actions. Its sound world has room for the articulation of hidden, imaginary words that do not necessarily have to bear actual meaning. - S. Bassanese