Photo of Félix-Antoine Morin




interpreted by

Jean-François Laporte and Marie-Chantal Leclair

as part of:

Totem Electric #1 - Montreal New Music Festival


The title Plateforme refers to the off-shore structures used for extracting oil at sea. I used this for inspiration and as a reference image at the conceptual level of this piece. Organ and tape move back and forth between the roles of platform and emerging oil.

The present work is presented in five movements, each one written with the idea of allowing a symbiosis between the sounds of the organ and the tape part.
The tape part came first, with listening to the organ, previously recorded, in parallel. On the tape I brought together sound materials that come mostly from orchestra instruments. These I used to position, guide, and stock the various sonic possibilities of the organ.

In addition, the sounds of the tape were used for their morphological characteristics, to interact with the organ, so that the latter would blend with the tape instead of a standing out as the soloist. 

Sometimes a single instrument is multiplied to create a dense layer. On several occasions in the work, the organ starts in the background, then quietly takes the leading role, the goal being that it seems to emerge from the tape. - F-A Morin

This version of Plateforme was performed and filmed at Espace Bleu of Wilder Building (Montreal) on Mai 8th 2021.

This 1st version of Plateforme was performed and filmed on February 20th 2009 during the first Totem Électrique concert.