Photo of Laurie Radford


Music Conservatory of Montreal

Written by

Laurie Radford



interpreted by

Jean-François Laporte

Vagus… to roam, to digress from the norm, to wander in strange fields, to stray from the path in order to make discoveries, to rove before unimaginable possibilities. Vagus is written for an instrument invented by Jean-François Laporte : the Tu-Yo, an instrument that employs mechanically-driven air, and possesses a rich and fluid timbre, a corporeal extension to which is added an eight-channel electroacoustic part, an immersion of the body, an encircling of the breath, a framing of the energy of the Tu-Yo, a framing of the transmission of the sensations of a body-machine into space, like the tenth cranial nerve, the vagus nerve.

Vagus was commissioned by Jean-François Laporte and Production Totem contemporain.