Ventricule Gauche

Photo of Sylvain Pohu

Ventricule Gauche

Music Conservatory of Montreal

Written by

Sylvain Pohu

interpreted by

Ida Toninato

as part of:

Totem Electric #7


Ventricule gauche ("Left Ventricule") is written for the instrument Babel Table. The piece pays tribute to life and its extremely delicate mechanics. Just like this instrument, our body is kept alive by a complex set of interconnected tubes that converge to a central element, the pump, which clogs up and breaks down with time. May everything be said before the end comes. Dedicated to my friend Nicolas Boucher. - S. Pohu

This version of Ventricule gauche was performed by Ida Toninato and filmed at Totem Électrique VI, Montreal (Quebec), on 7 June 2014.