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Exemption from registration fees exceptional measure

In order to make the competition accessible to all composers, Productions Totem Contemporain undertakes to subsidize certain participants whose conditions do not allow to pay for the registration fees. These composers are invited to notify us that they are unable to pay these fees using this registration form..

The Competition may take a discretionary measure with regard to these individuals..

Participant declaration

I certify that the deposited work will be produced mainly from the sounds generated by Productions Totem Contemporain (hereinafter "PTC"), will be unpublished and free of rights, and that it will not be presented publicly by the candidate, either electronically or in concert, or submitted to another competition, before the announcement of the results of the Totem Électroacoustique Competition (hereinafter “Competition”).

I agree that the composition I will submit to the Competition juries may be recorded, archived and distributed by various means (including electronically, in concert, or by CD edition) without any compensation. However, PTC undertakes not to make any commercial use of the composition, and I wil retain, as the composer, all intellectual property rights of the work, including all other rights that may be associated with it..

I agree that PTC officials have access to the data of my user account created for the purposes of the Competition. This data will be kept confidential and may not be used for commercial purposes by PTC. In addition, PTC will not at any time or to anyone else transfer data associated with any account related to the Competition.

I accept the decisions of the Totem Électroacoustique competition which will be final, including the decision not to retain my entry to participate in the competition.

Whether for the work submitted to the Competition juries or as part of the use of sounds from the Totem sound bank for any other artistic project, I undertake to declare the original source of all sounds that have been used in all my future communications, whether these sounds have been transformed or not. To this end, I agree to accompany the work by the following mention: The work has been produced from sounds that were originally generated by the instruments of Productions Totem Contemporain (by adapting the text of the mention to the nature of the use: concert work, podcast, installation, etc.).

I declare that I have read the rules and conditions for participating in the Totem Électroacoustic Competition to which I agree..