We are pleased to present the winners of the first edition of the Totem Électroacoustique contest. For each edition of the contest, a jury composed of local and international artists is in charge of judging all the contest submissions. There are three jury groups representing the Totem Awards, the Akousma Awards and the ViU (Vivier Inter Universitaire) Awards. 

The eight finalists are judged one last time in a final public concert. The final of the contest was presented in collaboration with the Groupe de Recherche sur la Médiatisation du son (GRMS) during La Grande Nuit GRMS concert at the Montreal New Music Festival (MNM) on February 25, 2023.

Cash prizes are awarded to the first, second and third place winners of the Totem Prize and the Akousma Prize. Commissions are also awarded at the discretion of TPC to allow selected finalists the opportunity to work directly with Totem instruments for a work in the Totem Electric series. The entire Totem contemporary production team wishes you a pleasant listening experience.

Electroacoustic Totem Prize


* Commission of a new Totem Électrique work



* Commission of a new Totem Électrique work

Akousma Prize (1500$)

* Diffusion of the work during the next season of Akousma

VIU (Vivier Inter Universitaire) Prize

* Commission of a new Totem Électrique work

Audience Prize


Special Mention from the Jury

The jury of the Totem Électroacoustique contest wanted to give a special mention to the work Paradigmas by french composer Max Bruckert. This magnificent piece could not be among the finalists, as it did not meet all the criteria of the competition (mainly concerning the criterion of the perceptibility of the Totem sound mark in the work). However, the work stood out among all the compositions of the competition. The jury wanted to give it this mention to underline the quality of the work.

* Commission of a new Totem Électrique work


Totem Jury

  • Benjamin Thigpen (Fr, USA)
  • Mélanie Frisoli (Fr)
  • Émilie Payeur (Ca)
  • Stéphane Roy (Ca)
  • Elisabeth Schimana (Au)
  • Sophie Delafontaine (Be)

Akousma Jury

  • Myriam Boucher (Ca)

VIU Jury

  • Pauline Patie (Fr)
  • Philippe Macnab-Seguin (Ca)
  • Thomas Quirion (Ca)
  • Josephine Campbell Lashuk (Ca)