Sound at the core of the story

The Totem Youth series features productions bearing artistic, educational and social content aimed at young audiences. With a spirit of creation, discovery and exchange, this series presents contemporary art to children of various ages with the goal of furthering their personal development. Our Totem Youth series is a way to present our music and our instruments to children through bold and innovative shows.

The shows presented in the Totem Youth series are multidisciplinary and bring on stage acoustic and electroacoustic music, storytelling, video as well as original lighting (inside the instruments and on stage). These different disciplines contribute to creating original listening situations that open up the doors of experience and inspiration for children.

Furthermore, the Totem Youth shows are facilitating several topics of reflection about the world in which we live. They highlight the qualities and downsides of human beings. Directly aimed at the cleverness and sensitivity of children, our shows offer to them wonderful opportunities to gather, share and reflect upon their ideas about the world and the arts.

Through their original and innovative approach, the Totem Youth shows help children listen to quality contemporary music. We convey our passion with an overflowing sense of imagination!