Carlo Barbagallo

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Carlo Barbagallo

Carlo Barbagallo is an Italian musician and composer.


A blog as a new kind of publishing platform for experimental sound recordings; documenting and sharing Carlo Barbagallo’s unconventional musical activity.

Barbagallo is a sicilian self-taught musician & composer/arranger, sound engineer & producer. He always recorded his music, experimenting the possibilities of home & studio creative recording. Through his net label Noja Recordings he released his recordings. Founder member of bands with different styles (from “popular” to experimental & improvisation) published in Europe & USA; he also composed music for short movies & documentaries edited in France and collaborated in free musical expression laboratories with the aim to demonstrate the positive effects of a ludic, not-didactic, improvisational approach to music on creative and relational capabilites in children.

Since 2012 Barbagallo is particularly involved in the electro-acoustic music field. His electro-acoustic compositional research focused on spazialized acousmatic music, acoustic and electronic feedback, equipment and residual noise, dynamic environments for mixed music improvisation performances, improvisation and “programming-by-ear” as composition techniques, algorithmic tools for transformational processes on texts which generates music scores and sounds, creative re-use of historic electroacoustic materials, the aesthetic of “incomplete” musical forms, collective based composition, electric guitar and live electronics, experimental integreation between theatre and electroacoustic music.