LBB 1st concert

Photo des membres de L.B.B. Trio

LBB 1st concert

Atelier Giorgi

interprété par

Jean-François Laporte, Carlo Barbagallo et Emilio Bernè

dans le cadre de:

Noise Delivery Festival


LBB– Jean-François Laporte, Carlo Barbagallo and Emilio Bernè is a music Trio that explore the absolute furthest limits of improvisation in Noise, Free-Jazz and Rock music. Since 2015, the trio has been performing improvisation music in different events around Europe. LBB believe in improvisation as a way for the musician to communicate, share and express themselves musically with a great freedom.

This LBB improvisation was filmed at the Noise Delivery Festival, Atelier Giorgi, Torino – Italy, October 25th 2015.