LBB improvisation #1 & #2

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LBB improvisation #1 & #2

Rehearsal Studio

interprété par

Jean-François Laporte, Carlo Barbagallo et Emilio Bernè


LBB Laporte, Barbagallo, and Berné explore the absolute furthest limits of improvisation on their wild unhinged self-titled album. Periodic bursts occur throughout the album with nary a concern about any regular adherence to rhythms, tempo, melody, etc. Texturally the two pieces work together creating an entire environment, one unpredictable and at times beautiful in its twisted shrapnel sounds. Only jazz and industrial can begin to even describe some of the chaos found within the two pieces as the songs sprawl out delivering outright manic moments.

“1” begins with various percussive elements. Metallic clangs work wonders in developing a strangely tactile sound. Distortion does its best in obscuring the sonic origins. For brief moments it seems almost as if the sound wants to settle down yet there is nothing it can do. The constant state of flux is the only certainty while the piece picks up creating strange multifaceted layers without limit. Interestingly the group allows for quieter moments within the piece, as they do appear interested in those quieter moments often entirely edited out. By refusing any edits the sound gains further power making it akin to a force of nature. Continuing down the path is the closer “2”. Unlike the previous piece, this one goes for a slightly more meditative sound, comparatively speaking. Various effects work wonders in bringing the song to a strange and beautiful conclusion.

Without any sort of structure at all, Laporte, Barbagallo, Berné roam free on their sprawling colossus of jagged edged noise.