Photo d'un performance de RUST


Frédéric Chais


Audio Art Festival Krakow

Écrit par

Benjamin Thigpen et Jean-François Laporte

interprété par

Jean-François Laporte et Benjamin Thigpen


explosion is a short piece for analog feedback generated by bringing together piezoelectric microphones and small speakers or “exciters” (along with a few ordinary objects like silverware, knitting needles, metal rods, a saw…). As the title indicates, the proximity of these small elements results in a sudden, intense release of massive energy.

An enormous, forceful wave of sound engulfs the space – overwhelming, overpowering. The noise is almost unbearable – or perhaps it is exhilarating. In any case, it continues unrelentingly. On and on, always the same extreme sonic pressure, the same acoustic damage. And yet… if we allow ourselves to be drawn in, beyond the all-powerful surface, we notice that the sound-forms are always changing, shifting, new; and that within the wave, inside the noise, are unsuspected depths of clarity and purity: we are confronted with – and submerged within – the ever-renewing manifestations of sheer, raw, primal energy.

This version of explosion was performer and filmed at the MAMM, Modern Art Museum of Medellin – Colombia, April 26 2016.

This version of explosion was performer and filmed at the Audio Art Festival Krakow – Poland, November 15th 2014.